Sepialine Announces AutoCAD 2009 Compatibility

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – April 8, 2008 - Sepialine® - a leading provider of Cost Recovery software for design professionals - today announced that its Argos Cost Recovery System is compatible with AutoCAD 2009 design software. Released on March 25, 2008, AutoCAD 2009 is the latest version of the flagship Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software from Autodesk, Inc.

Sepialine's award-winning Argos Cost Recovery System helps corporate and service professionals receive reimbursement for printing and office expenses. The Argos System captures print costs regardless of application, version and print device, and without the use of software plug-ins. Freedom from specific software products and versions is unique in the cost recovery market, and makes instant compatibility with products like AutoCAD 2009 possible, without the need for version-specific AutoCAD plug-ins.

"For many of our design customers, AutoCAD is the single most important software application they use," said Sepialine CEO, Jeremy Evans. "Tracking AutoCAD printing and plotting is critical. We are gratified that the Argos System is compatible with AutoCAD 2009 on the day it was released. Our customers can upgrade their important software systems knowing that their cost recovery solution is ready for them."

With its sophisticated print engine, AutoCAD can pose a challenge to print tracking software. Some print tracking products simply cannot track AutoCAD printing, while others require AutoCAD "plug-ins" designed for specific AutoCAD versions. Plug-ins must be upgraded along with each new AutoCAD version, adding time, complexity and cost to the software upgrade process. Sepialine avoids the plug-in problem and supports AutoCAD upgrades instantly by capturing print operations at the server, independent of software applications, versions and print devices. The result is time and cost savings for Autodesk customers.

"Reimbursables are a growing and critical revenue source," said Clayton Krauss, I.T. Director for Tacoma, WA-based BCRA, 160-person multi-disciplinary design firm servicing the Pacific Northwest. "We chose Sepialine as our cost recovery provider for many reasons, forward compatibility being chief among those reasons. Knowing that Argos is ready for AutoCAD 2009 - and for future releases of any software - lets BCRA make sound technology decisions without worrying about whether our print tracking software will be able keep up."

"By integrating with the latest features in AutoCAD 2009, Sepialine enables our joint customers to take advantage of the latest design software technology," said Jim Quanci, Director of the Autodesk Developer Network. "We are pleased to have the strong support of Sepialine products for AutoCAD 2009."

The Argos Cost Recovery System is available from Sepialine. For more information, visit

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Sepialine, Inc. delivers products and services to capture, analyze and report business expenses - print, copy, scan, fax and more - across multiple platforms, devices and sources. By capturing and analyzing expenses, companies are able to gain business insight, charge back clients for reimbursable expenses and ultimately increase profit. Sepialine's award-winning Argos Cost Recovery System is used by leading corporate and service professionals, including architecture, engineering, graphics, advertising, legal, and reprographic companies, around the world.

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