Security White Paper for KYOCERA MFPs and Printers


KYOCERA MFPs/Printers are embedded with an OS as standard, Like a PC, installing a HDD or SSD are also available in the MFP/Printer. The MFPs/Printers for the office use handle various types of sensitive information. Whereas, the MFPs/Printers are exposed to recent advanced and diversified threats, such as unauthorized access to the devices via a network, tapping or alteration of information in transit over a network, and leakage of information from HDD. KYOCERA Document Solutions Inc., (referred to as KYOCERA, hereafter) provides customers with a variety of security functions installed on its MFPs/Printers. We are always proactively taking security countermeasures against these threats so that our customers may rest assured to securely use KYOCERA MFPs/Printers. In addition, KYOCERA has obtained Common Criteria certification (known as IS015408) that objectively verifies if security functions are correctly performed at customers' hand by the third party. This verification also applies to rigorous process that includes appropriate product design, manufacturing and delivery. KYOCERA products have been designed to have the necessary security functions and capabilities and so will be certified within the next few months as they conform to an IEEE 2600.1, which is an international security standard for hard copy devices enacted in 2009. Additionally, Federal Information Processing Standard, FIPS 140-2 certified product, which complies with the security standard created by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology, NIST, is installed on KYOCERA devices. KYOCERA will continuously drive further security enhancement as standards develop or new technologies evolve to protect the KYOCERA devices.

This document explains how security functions installed on our MFPs/Printers perform against the threats and enable us to maintain security management. We sincerely hope that this document will be fully utilized by our customers.

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