Security and the Federal Government

Security and the Federal Government The Challenge:
Federal government policy requires that all networked devices used in national security systems meet specific information assurance goals including strict levels of integrity, confidentiality, and availability for systems and data, accountability at the individual level, and assurance that all security claims are objectively verified.

The Solution:
Common Criteria Certification, administered by the National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP). This is a rigorous process that includes the testing of devices against security requirements by accredited, third-party laboratories.

The Xerox Advantage:
In addition to delivering exceptionally well-architected and highly productive devices into the office environment, Xerox has received Common Criteria Certification for the WorkCentre M35/M45/M55 and WorkCentre Pro 35/45/55. As part of the certification process, the security of the embedded fax function of these devices was also validated. No other multifunction device manufacturer has obtained third party assurance that fax and network lines are separated.


Download the full whitepaper: XOS Security Brief