Save Money in Your Business Operations

All businesses are seeking to cut unnecessary spending to improve their bottom line. With everyone out there looking to cut costs, there are many different areas of your business where expenditures can be reduced. One less common method is to reduce the businesses spend on printing costs. Here are a few ways to reduce your costs in the printing department.

Eliminate Unnecessary Printing

While this sounds a bit obvious, it’s surprising the amount of unnecessary printing that goes on. Before any print job, stop for a moment and ask yourself, “Do I need this printed out or can I view it on a screen just as effectively?” If there is a meeting, instead of printing one document package per person, have small groups share documents and encourage collaboration.

Use the Preview

Avoiding printing mistakes can significantly cut down on costs. Studies show that up to 20% of all printing jobs contain an error and will be reprinted. A quick check in the preview before printing can avoid a large majority of these reprints.

Economy Mode

If the printing job is of lesser importance and won’t be seen by a client, use the printer’s economy mode. On some computers this mode is the Fast setting, but it reduces the amount of ink usage so the printed document is just a little lighter. If used in quantity, this setting can save some money on printing consumables.

Cutting costs on printing can be a very effective method of reducing overall expenditures. For more information on reducing printing costs or about printers that will reduce costs over time, contact us today!

This article was originally posted on Printers Bangor website Maine Document Solutions.