RISO Releases Self-Contained Inkjet In-line Binding System; Perfect Binder Simplifies Book Production

BURLINGTON, Mass – September 9, 2014 -- RISO, Inc. today announced the release of the company’s new automated binding system, making RISO the first cut-sheet inkjet printing solution in its class with in-line Perfect Binding capability. The RISO Perfect Binder not only incorporates the benefits of inkjet technology and the production speed of the ComColor X1 Series printers, but converts the system into a self-contained book manufacturing solution for both short runs and high-volume production. RISO’s inkjet Perfect Binder solution prints books as thick as 300 sheets of 20 lb. bond – which meets or exceeds the production needs of most digital book printers. Combining power and versatility in a 6’ x 12’ operating footprint, the perfect bound, full-color books produced by RISO’s in-line system also enables printing of the covers and pages, with the ability to insert pre-printed covers and pages as well.

The high speed, fully automatic RISO Perfect Binder is a new accessory for the X1 Series, broadening its range of applications. It is engineered for use in a wide range of industries and settings, such as corporate, manufacturing and educational environments.

“The growth of short-run on-demand and self-publishing necessitates that technology keeps pace with the world’s demand for faster and better. Any tool that can attract more business and provide profitable new revenue streams is of real value,” notes Richard Mattina, Associate Vice President, Marketing & Business Development, RISO, Inc. “One such growth segment is that of self-publishing. The number of self-published books produced annually has grown 287% over the last seven years – a significant growth channel for those PSPs prepared to service it.”

  • High-Production Speed: In lab-controlled tests, the Perfect Binder with a ComColor 9150 produced sixty 100-page 8 1/2” x 11” books in just 170 minutes, eliminating many of the time-and-labor intensive processes inherent in more traditional perfect binding workflows.
  • Simple & Intuitive Operation: A Windows-compatible cover layout program simplifies cover design, including spine printing. Print preview functions enables complete pre-print editing, reducing errors and maximizing efficiency.
  • Binding: Automated binding instantly secures printed pages before the book reaches the gluing stage. RISO registration technology assures pages are in order and aligned when they reach this critical point.
  • Automated Sizing and Trimming: Each cover is automatically and individually trimmed to letter-size for a professional finish. The system easily accommodates varying book thicknesses up to 300 sheets / 600 pages (1.5mm to 30mm).

RISO first exhibited the Perfect Binder Solution at PRINT13 last September, to rave reviews, from media and attendees alike. The RISO Perfect Binder is available from RISO and their sales channel network worldwide. For more information, go to http://us.riso.com.

Republished with permission from Buyers Laboratory LLC (www.buyerslab.com). ©2013 Buyers Laboratory LLC