RISO “Business Inkjet” Printer Delivers Savings

BURLINGTON, MA – RISO, Inc. announces that the company’s ComColor FW5000 inkjet printer is “changing the conversation” about office print strategies. The addition of an FW5000 Printer to an office lineup of toner-based devices allows for a greater flexibility regarding the use of color, without jeopardizing tight operating budgets associated with many offices.

Some organizations, both corporate and institutional, have come to see color as a luxury and will often limit the use of color. The RISO FW5000 inkjet printer allows those on a tight office budget to shift monochrome prints into the color arena with minimal impact on the operating budget. The RISO inkjet FW5000 generates color output at a fixed Letter-size cpc of 2.5 cents per copy (including ink and service agreement). This is a big benefit to those looking to generate affordable color manuals, calendars, invoices, reports, forms, spreadsheets and various other office jobs destined for the filing cabinet.

Long recognized as an industry leader and innovator in high-speed cut sheet inkjet printing, the FW5000 is a low-cost, production color printer that delivers up to 90 Letter-size, color pages per minute with duplexing at 45 ppm. The printer is designed to serve the requirements of the “Business Inkjet” market segment. ComColor inkjet printers utilize RISO’s patented FORCEJET™ technology, found exclusively in the RISO inkjet product line. This heatless imaging system requires no fusing during the printing process, along with a straight paper path that enables peak printing without electrostatic build up. Its cold, flat and dry output greatly improves up-time and reduces maintenance costs.