Ricoh's GlobalScanTM 3.1 is Now Enhanced with NSi's AutoStore® Document Capture Software

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Corey Smith, Contributing Writer

Ricoh Americas Corporation recently announced the new GlobalScanTM 3.1 with Workflow Suite, powered by NSi’s AutoStore® and the partnership provides a significant enhancement to the already powerful GlobalScanTM product.

Included with the new GlobalScanTM 3.1 product are several scanning plugin features that allow the Ricoh MFP systems to seamlessly connect directly to various destinations. For example, the Scan-to-XML plug-in allows the Ricoh MFP system to scan a document and then send it to any supported backend system such as an ERP or electronic document management system. Users are able to design personalized workflows for any given scan job that allow them to streamline their business processes thus creating the most efficient workflow based on their needs at the time.

“GlobalScanTM 3.1 enables users to easily navigate document capture,

management, storage and global distribution for their entire organization through the networked server,” said Hede Nonaka, executive vice president, Document Solutions and Services Division, Ricoh Americas Corporation. “With the Workflow Suite [powered by AutoStore®] upgrade, users have a fully integrated system to create efficient workflows that fit their individual business needs.” Some of the key advanced features to the GlobalScanTM 3.1 with Workflow Suite include enhanced optical character recognition (OCR) and an improved,

easy-to-use graphical control panel. The enhanced OCR capabilities now

allow for an easy conversion of paper-based documents to a variety of other electronic formats with increased compression. The improved graphical user interface now includes an image thumbnail allowing users to instantly preview scanned files directly from the MFP system interface.

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