Ricoh's Approach to Improving Sustainability


There's no doubt that nowadays, reducing carbon emissions is a must for everyone, every day, everywhere. But when it comes to actively changing patterns of behavior, then things start to become less clear. Especially in an office environment, reducing carbon emissions means more than just switching off the lights when leaving the office. There are many initiatives that can be undertaken to achieve the next level of sustainability.

As strategy consultants, we know that change always starts with a detailed analysis. However, designing plans based on analysis is not enough to reduce carbon emissions. It is the ability to implement those plans in a sustainable way that makes the difference. This implementation can be very challenging; it requires top management commitment plus employee buy-in and behavioral change. It also requires high quality system management, monitoring and continuous improvement. These requirements must be met to ensure that a sustainability plan has the proper impact and can create positive momentum, making the change visible and quantifiable.

Ricoh has developed just such a method for reducing carbon emissions produced by business printing solutions. It incorporates the above requirements and follows a professional, consultative and holistic approach. Ricoh offers its corporate customers a sound sustainability proposition, especially for the "in-use phase" of printing solutions, using a robust change management approach.

It is highly impressive to observe how Ricoh's sustainability proposition works in practice, leading to significantly lower carbon emissions without sacrificing service or productivity. It is a win-win-win solution for users, companies and our planet.

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