Ricoh Increases Insurance Company's Printing Efficiency

With an existing host print vendor contract set to expire, an industryleading insurance company was in search of a moreaffordable printing solution. Previously, the company printed large batches—up to 4,500 pages—of customer policies at a select number of print facilities, using host printing hardware that was expensive to own and operate. And because host printing output was declining as the company transitioned to digital document management, driving print jobs to existing multifunctional products (MFPs) was a much more affordable option.

After analyzing the company’s needs, Ricoh delivered a superior, costeffective solution—Intelligent Printer Data Stream (IPDS) page description language. The IPDS integration solution installs on the hard drive of Ricoh MFPs and printers and transforms Advanced Function Presentation (AFP) data controlled by IPDS to professional laser output. Ricoh helped the insurance provider perform two months of extensive in-lab testing to ensure the solution would meet the company’s printing requirements and provided hands-on support throughout the implementation process. The IPDS solution also proved the most cost-effective option, with operating costs that were 50 percent lower than competitive offerings.

Ease of deployment was a crucial benefit for the insurance company. The AFP/IPDS host printing solution streamlined the implementation process for the company’s IT staff, featuring a Web portal that allows the solution to be installed remotely. While other vendors’ solutions required the IT staff to make site visits and manually install the solution on individual host print devices, Ricoh’s AFP/IPDS solution enabled the staff to set up the host printing solution on any company MFP from a central location.

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