Ricoh HotSpot Printer/MFP Whitepaper Version 4_r4


The purpose of this whitepaper to address some of the most frequently posed security and system reliability questions.

What is a HotSpot Printer?

The Ricoh HotSpot printer allows people to print simply by sending an email or submitting print requests from a webpage.

This simple and intuitive interface allows use without the need for print drivers or any extra software. This eliminates IT overhead and time used in setup and configuration for mobile or temporary users.

There are two methods for submitting print jobs:

Email – Users submit their print jobs by simply forwarding an email to the printer’s email address. This can be done from any computer or handheld device that supports email. The user will then receive an email response
with a release code for the body of the email and a separate email and release code for each attachment. Simply enter this release code at the printer keypad to begin printing the document or email. 

Download Full Whitepaper: Ricoh HotSpot Printer/MFP Whitepaper Version 4_r4