Ricoh Generates New Ideas with Lateral Communication on a Global Scale

Conducting business in more than 200 countries, the Ricoh Group generates more than half of its sales from outside Japan. The company provides a wide variety of electronic products and services ranging from copiers, cameras and printers to IT solutions. Ricoh has become a highly trusted name by helping customers improve productivity and create knowledge. It aims to continue growing and seeks at least 25 percent of its fiscal year 2013 sales from new business areas.

Improving Ricoh solution scope, quality and time to market

Since its founding in 1936, Ricoh has been an industry leader in the fields
of optics and office equipment. Today, the company seeks to expand its
range of business offerings into document solutions and other corporate
solutions and services. The company’s Business Development Center
(BDC) plans, develops and markets these solutions and services.
It communicates with Ricoh Japan and four other global Ricoh sales
companies—covering the United States, Europe, the Asia-Pacific region
and China—to provide sales and support activities closely tailored to each
region’s needs.

Because Ricoh started as a hardware manufacturer, it already had processes for maintaining high product quality. However, the BDC faced
challenges in developing solutions and services. “The old rules used for hardware development resulted in unwieldy processes, making it difficult
to compete against more nimble software service vendors. We looked
to rebuild work processes designed for the things we were developing,
such as software and services. When providing solutions to clients, we
wanted to propose total solutions tailored to the client’s environment and
operations,” says Takao Fujii, specialist, Business Management Section,
Service Business Planning Department, BDC, Global Marketing
Division, Ricoh Group.

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