Ricoh Delivers Next Generation Print to Unilever Across Europe

Unilever, one of the world’s leading suppliers of fast moving consumer goods, has extended the scope of its Managed Document Services Agreement with  Ricoh from five to twenty seven countries across Europe. Ricoh will provide efficient and cost effective solutions for Unilever’s office and home working employees. The new services will provide a further return on investment by delivering increased efficiency across all Unilever’s European operations.

Flexible and Cost Effective

The ‘Next Generation Print’ Project in Europe includes the implementation of a range of solutions and services in the Ricoh portfolio that meet with Unilever’s requirements. The objective of the project is to implement a flexible and cost effective document management solution which focuses strongly on Unilever’s Green IT strategy. Ricoh and Unilever are working together to achieve this objective by:

  • Further optimising the print infrastructure throughout Europe
  • Meeting the latest Energy Star requirements
  • Introducing a Print Policy throughout Europe
  • Creating awareness of print costs and environmental impact
  • Reducing paper waste and power consumption
  • Offering greater functionality on new products
  • Reducing the number of model types throughout Europe

Myles Gilbertson, European Supply Manager at Unilever says, “I am pleased that we have extended our European contract with Ricoh. We now need to work together to further streamline our fleet through the  implementation of a new Managed Print Transformation Service and print policy. The ‘Next Generation Print Project’ will enable us to improve our environmental performance and monitoring as well as delivering further reductions in indirect costs.”

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