Ricoh Delivers Customized Solutions

Working with one of the country’s largest insurance companies was a daunting undertaking, especially when Ricoh representatives learned they were competing with three of the world’s largest device manufacturers. Through a thorough discovery process, Ricoh Document Solutions and Services learned that the complexity of the company’s documents was beginning to outpace the usefulness of the existing devices and solutions.

The company’s IT Department had already implemented a competitive solution to perform network device discovery. After meeting with company executives and IT staff, however, Ricoh identified a set of business requirements that were not being met by the current solution. By implementing Ricoh’s intelligent remote management system, the financial services company gained several features, such as automatic service call generation, automatic meter billings and fleet reporting. The IT Department welcomed the change and 10 Ricoh appliances equipped with the remote management software were installed to monitor over 3,400 devices.

By working closely with company IT and business executives, Ricoh consultants also identified several areas where software customization would greatly enhance Ricoh devices. The result of these meetings led to 13 customizations to Ricoh print drivers, device management utilities and scanning solutions. In addition, the company needed kerberos authentication added to comply with in-house security policies. The result was an embedded scanning application that accommodated the necessary security feature. In addition, Ricoh added the customized software to a growing library of intellectual property to be leveraged by other insurance or financial services clients.

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