The Retail Store Command Center Providing a Service and Support “Express Lane”

Remember when in-store technology meant some cash registers and a phone line? Those days are gone forever.

The retail industry is undergoing a technological revolution, fueled by mobility, automation and the need to give consumers the fast and convenient service options that keep them coming back for more. The good news? New technology can have a positive impact on revenue. The not-so-good news? Although these mobile devices and applications, employee hand-held, new payment devices, numerous displays and customer facing systems can help fuel loyalty and sales, they all add to the technological complexity.

Each store could easily have a dozen different vendors; and exponentially more products. Even if the IT staff at headquarters knows the basic store infrastructure, retail technology is evolving so rapidly that few, if any, have the resources to manage this growing technological tsunami in a cost effective way. So many vendors, so many patches and system updates.

Do you hire specialists and add headcount? Or do you say no to the technology that you need to compete? Neither option is good. 

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