Responsive Solutions Announces Dynamic Layout2+ at OnDemand

BOSTON (March 3, 2008) -- Responsive Solutions, a leading provider of web-to-print and cross media communication solutions, today announced a significantly enhanced DYNAMIC LAYOUT2+TM module. The module allows anyone involved in dynamic content creation of yearbooks, magazines, catalogs, newsletters, brochures and documents to have an easy-to-use browser-based publishing tool as a standalone or integrated system within Responsive Solutions CUSTOMER+® leveraged suite of products.DYNAMIC LAYOUT2+TM brings simplicity and efficiency to a company or organization. The tool is ideal for use when multiple people or organizations in different geographic locations need to contribute to the creation of a document with controlled use. Additionally the tool is ideal for a retail storefront where content creation is needed for many dynamic users that require ease of use and content management quality assurance controls. DYNAMIC LAYOUT2+TM resides in a browser-based environment and requires minimal support to deploy and manage its use.

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Frank Miller, CEO of Responsive Solutions, states, "DYNAMIC LAYOUT2+TM gives our customers the tools to create dynamic content with control on the fly and provides one of the most flexible and easiest to use content creation solutions in the market today with an affordable cost of entry."


The DYNAMIC LAYOUT2+TM module is based on an impressive cross-platform development framework called FlexTM 2, which is used for creating rich Internet applications. The 4th generation architecture enables near unlimited scalability of users without significant performance degradation of response times from a central server.

Since DYNAMIC LAYOUT2+TM is so easy-to-use with a user friendly interface, it is easier to design, instantly proof, order, and print all within the same user experience. The design functionality is feature-rich; including: elite layering, template management, drag and drop text and images, a library of fonts and font sizes, a built-in spell checker, transparencies, drop shadows, etc.

DYNAMIC LAYOUT2+TM layering functionality is a differentiating feature because layers can be locked and/or turned off to specific end users to prevent them from editing a certain layer of a document thereby creating control within certain areas of a document but giving total design freedom in other areas.

The template manager feature of DYNAMIC LAYOUT2+TM can be utilized as a helpful guide or idea generator for your end user. It displays an unlimited number of templates to choose from that can be easily selected to be the base starting point of a document. The templates can have placeholders for graphics, text, and shapes, if needed.

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Responsive Solutions Inc. supplies mission-critical web-to-print and cross media communication solutions for print service providers, marketing organizations and the corporations they serve. Its modular comprehensive and highly integrated solutions provide an out-of-the box e-commerce storefront, variable web-to-print capabilities for versioning and localization, variable-data generated e-mails, personalized landing pages and printed mail, fulfillment and digital asset management. The company headquarters are located in St. Petersburg, Fla. More information about this product can be found at

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