Regulatory Compliance and MFP Security Solutions: Key Issues and Considerations


In the early 1980s securing a computer, printer or fax machine meant placing it behind a locked door. That was before computers were on every desktop, and before the advent of multi- functional products (MFPs). The MFP consolidates functionality into a single, space-saving platform, enabled businesses to address varied document processing needs, specifically walk-up copy and fax operations and network scan, fax and print functions. From document creation through output and distribution, the MFP plays a pivotal role in today’s connected workplace.

Indeed, as a centralized document processing hub, the MFP has transformed the office landscape by speeding the generation and dissemination of information. In the pre-Internet era documents were carried by courier or express mail services. Now those same documents are easily converted into electronic files, via the MFP, and communicated locally or globally–in an instant. As technology has evolved, so too has the speed at which business moves.

This shift from paper-based to electronic business processes presents formidable challenges for IT security professionals, and others tasked with safeguarding information assets. With nearly instantaneous dissemination capabilities, business-critical documents can be routed to unauthorized individuals in seconds. 

To remain competitive in today’s challenging economic climate, organizations–now more than ever– have to protect information assets from theft or loss. Information security is particularly critical for businesses subject to a labyrinth of federal regulations, such as HIPAA, SOX and GLBA. In this white paper, we will examine the issue of regulatory compliance as it relates to office technology, and thus provide guidance on security solutions that can help support enterprise-wide compliance initiatives.

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