Reduce Costs by Replacing Old Impact Printers with Kyocera Laser Printers

Customer Overview

A tire store with several regional locations wanted to update their printing technology from impact printers to laser printers to improve their customer’s experience and improve the environment in their stores. This
customer’s goal was to improve their sales documents to look more professional to their customers, increase their output speeds to shorten the purchase process, and to reduce the noise created by the printers to improve the environment for the customers in their waiting room. In order to succeed, there were several issues that needed to be addressed. The point of sale software that was used did not support laser printers, modifying the form used in the printers, and the cost to replace their existing printers.

Kyocera Solution

These goals were met by using Kyocera Printers utilizing PRESCRIBE technology.

Two invoices were created to replace the sales invoice and the work order. These forms were stored on each Kyocera Printer utilizing PRESCRIBE. Each form was configured to use a unique logical printer port, so
when the point of sale software printed the form, the printer was able to emulate the impact printer, and access the proper form that was stored on the printer. By utilizing the standard logical printer ports on the Kyocera printers, they were able to reduce the number of printers in each location from a minimum of two to a single printer.

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