Record Year for PrintFleet

Ontario, Canada — PrintFleet Inc., a global leader in managed print software and solutions, grew its revenues to record levels in its 2012 fiscal year. The company launched a series of significant software enhancements over the same period, and added new distribution partners and OEM programs to further strengthen its market position.

PrintFleet’s business is increasingly global, supporting multinational Distributor and OEM partners in standardizing their global MPS programs, resulting in lower costs and improved service capability regardless of market or geography. Approximately 40% of the company’s revenues now originate outside North America, attesting to the ease of deployment and use of PrintFleet multi-language solutions as well as the reach of the company’s pre- and post-sale support. Such organizations have – after in-depth competitive assessment - consistently chosen PrintFleet as a key partner in enabling their MPS programs.

PrintFleet has also witnessed significant recent growth in utilization of its solutions with direct Dealer customers. Monitored device counts for these Dealers are now at levels averaging in excess of 30 times that experienced in PrintFleet-powered third-party programs – further testimony to the effectiveness of the company’s industry-leading Account Management, Advisory and Technical support.

PrintFleet’s pioneering work in MPS focused on providing accurate, reliable and actionable device information to enable automated billing, just-in-time supplies fulfillment, proactive service capability, as well as initial and continuous fleet assessment and optimization. The Company’s primary objective has not changed. Enhancements such as a virtual printer lab, continuous updating of the largest printer model database in the industry and ongoing refinement of proprietary analytical algorithms are evidence of this. Through a combination of experience and ongoing innovation PrintFleet continues to deliver the highest quality device information in the marketplace. This more than any other factor leads both large and small organizations to consistently select the company’s solutions from an expanding number of competitive choices.

PrintFleet’s latest innovations include 2-way communication and remote device configuration, full integration with Canon’s embedded Remote Diagnostic System (eRDS) and Remote Maintenance System (imageWARE Remote), and the addition of a common installer with Konica’s CS Remote Care (CSRC) solution.

“With industry leading functionality and support – and a solution architecture which will scale to monitor literally 100’s of thousands of devices – the reliability and effectiveness of your MPS program is assured when you choose PrintFleet,” stated Chris McFarlane, President & CEO, PrintFleet.

This article was originally posted on Buyer's Laboratory.