Real Talk With TAP in Lisbon Airport

The Challenge

TAP, the world’s foremost airline between Europe and Brazil, was looking for a way to improve the quality of service for its demanding business customers. Many of these travelers were trying to be as productive as possible before boarding their flights, yet were hampered when it came to printing, as this typically required documents to be on a USB thumb drive and entailed long waits at the printer. Seeing that this customer base was constantly pressed for time, TAP wanted to allow its traveling professionals the simplicity of printing from any of their mobile devices, hassle-free.

The Solution

TAP called on the Xerox team to deliver a simple, convenient and secure way for travelers to print business documents from their mobile devices. By installing a Xerox multifunction printer and the Xerox® Mobile Print Solution in the Premium Lounge of the Lisbon Airport, TAP enabled business professionals to be as productive as they would be in their own offices while waiting to board their planes.

Real Results

  • “We are helping professionals be more productive in their daily work while they are mobile.”
  • Eliminated extra software,thumb drives or added tools previously necessary for passengers to print.
  • Eliminated the need to rely on airline staff for printing help.
  • Significantly improved security for confidential business documents.

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