The Pursuit of the Paperless Office

It is estimated that less than 20% of all records that have traditionally been paper-based have been converted to electronic formats. For example, according to, only 10% - 15% of medical records are handled electronically. This statistic is especially interesting since the term “paperless office” was coined over 30 years ago with the development of the personal computer. In today’s terms, we call the “paperless office” document imaging.

There are many things that are preventing us from making the shift to a paperless office. Some of the reasons you may find in your organization can be as simple as your employees’ resistance to change or not having faith that technology will keep your documents safe and secure. Whatever your reason for resisting the move to a paperless environment may be, the bottom line is that it requires change to see the paperless office as a reality. Document imaging requires a fundamental shift in the way we do business.

Before making the switch to a paperless office, businesses must first understand the benefits they will receive after making the switch.

Understand the benefits

The top five reasons why a successful company will make a move to a paperless office are:

  1. Improving Efficiency and Productivity
  2. Increased Regulatory Compliance
  3. Risk Management or Business Continuity
  4. Better Customer Service
  5. Reduce Costs

You will no doubt find other reasons to make a change in your organization. Know the reasons you are making a change in your organization. If you don’t have a good business reason, don’t make the change.