ProJet™ Transforms Ideas into Products!

With a penchant towards risk taking and a keen sense of humor, Teenage Engineering works with global brands  like IKEA, Ericsson and Absolut to develop market leading communications strategies. Along with keeping the team engaged and financing their interest in product development, these efforts often generate great ideas for  new products. As a result TE began to acquire technology to facilitate their emerging product development process.
From CNC machining and laser cutters TE graduated to building concept models and functional prototypes through outsourcing to local service bureaus with Stereolithography and Selective Laser Sintering Systems. While the quality was exceptional the cost and the time required to a finished concept model prompted them to evaluate 3D printers. 
So earlier this year, in the midst of completing their first commercial product TE was introduced to 3D Systems.  They attended a demonstration of the ProJet™ HD 3000 Professional 3D Printer and were immediately impressed with the extremely fine feature detail and accuracy of the high definition parts. They decided that the cost savings of an in office 3D Printer and the ability to iterate, producing a revised model in a matter of hours, 
far outweighed the initial investment.
Teenage Engineering has been very successful with the use of sound in the communications efforts so it is only fitting that their first commercial product is based on sound; an exciting portable, multi-function synthesizer. Teenage Engineering is clearly, in the groove. And we suggest you stay tuned because with the help of their ProJet™ 3000 they plan for many new products to come. 
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