Profit from Big Data - Turn Disconnected Data Into Connected Intelligence

Big Data landscape

The data landscape has changed. In previous decades companies achieved success by analyzing their transactional business data and using this historic view to make an informed choice about the future. Today, the game-changers are adding machine data and human information to their analytics.

  • Business data —structured data typically stored in rows and columns in applications(think ERP, CRM) as well as databases and data warehouses.
  • Machine data —high-velocity data from sensors in production lines, transportation systems, energy, and resource extraction to name a few, as well as Web feeds, event monitors, stock market feeds, networks, and security intelligence systems.
  • Human information —including email, social media, documents and records, video, audio,and images

The Big Data opportunity

The unstructured data (machine data and human information) is ten times larger than structured business data and has a ten times higher growth rate. The shift in the data landscape brings an enormous opportunity—but only to enterprises who can harness insight from all their data. We expect to see many new applications emerge.

This white paper presents specific use cases that enable enterprises like yours to profit from  Big Data. It also describes how HP HAVEn, the industry’s leading Big Data platform, can help you securely capture, analyze, and act upon 100 percent of the data available to you.

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