Product Summary for Remark Office OMR

OMR / Remark Office OMR Overview

Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) is a technology that has been used for many years in schools, universities, businesses, government agencies and many other institutions. OMR is the process of reading data from “fill in the bubble” types of forms. Typical uses for OMR forms include standardized tests, course evaluations, surveys and many other types of forms. Traditionally, OMR forms have been processed using special scanners, special forms printed using high-end printing presses and number two pencils for filling in these forms. Traditional OMR solutions tend to be expensive and inflexible and are only practical in situations where large volumes of the same form are processed over and over. Gravic set out to change this, and since 1991 has been developing and perfecting our software to bring this useful technology to the desktop. Over the years, Remark Office OMR has become the world’s leading package for collecting data from OMR forms. 

Remark Office OMR is a software package designed to collect data from optical marks (bubbles, checkboxes) on plain paper forms. The software works in conjunction with an image scanner to collect the data. Instead of special forms, users can create their own forms with any word processor, desktop publishing package or form design software. Users are allowed a great deal of flexibility in the design process. These forms can be printed on any laser printer or photocopier and do not need special registration marks or drop-out inks. Respondents no longer need to keep a number two pencil on hand to fill in the forms. Over the years, Gravic has added other technologies such as barcode recognition and OCR (machine printed text recognition) to the product, but the product focus remains to be the easiest and most powerful solution on the market for collecting data from surveys, tests, assessments, evaluations and other forms. 

Image Scanning vs. Traditional OMR

The main difference between the two types of scanning is in the hardware with which they work. Remark Office OMR works with common image scanners. These are the type of scanners that can also be used for scanning pictures or pages of text and are readily available from online electronics vendors or your local computer dealer. Traditional OMR readers are commonly associated with standardized testing, pre-printed forms and number two pencils. Typically, the manufacturers’ sales representatives sell these machines directly to the end user.

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