The Problem: Reams of Themes. The Solution: Campus Clusters.

The Challenge

Pupils producing paper. Lots of it. That was getting to be an expensive problem for the University of Notre Dame, which was seeing its costs skyrocket as students printed out reams of themes, dissertations and reports. A key issue was lack of oversight; there was no way to monitor, much less control, paper output or its costs. 

The University knew it needed a cost-effective print network to more efficiently manage student paper needs. With such a network – and associated cost tracking – the school’s OIT Department hoped to reduce paper waste, and bring down printing costs.

The Solution

Xerox stepped in with a two-fold print network solution for Notre Dame. First, due diligence: we monitored student printing needs to determine the best solution for the job. Then we put the network solution in place – installing multiple “print clusters” around campus, using Xerox Phaser™ printers and Pharos Uniprint® network software. 

Under the new network setup, students electronically send their documents to a nearby cluster for printing. Then, at their convenience, they simply walk to the cluster location, log in at a “computer release station,” and print their documents.  

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