PrintFleet Remote Tech Simplifies the Management of Multi-Vendor Fleets

Ontario, Canada –PrintFleet recently announced, the next step in the evolution of device management software with the release of PrintFleet RemoteTech - an innovative new iteration of their award-winning Enterprise software. Developed in collaboration with an OEM partner, Remote Tech is an intuitive centralized tool with productivity advantages directly targeted to reduce the cost of service delivery.

Prior to the release of Remote Tech, PrintFleet’s Enterprise software was traditionally used for meter readings, supplies management and reactive service alerting capability. Now, with the additional functionality of Remote Tech, PrintFleet customers will have a robust, real-time proactive service and device management tool that is integrated into a single centralized point of control. PrintFleet Remote Tech offers the imaging community the ability to remotely perform service activities based on key device information that has been collected directly from both the device and an OEM’s service database. Specifically, PrintFleet Remote Tech enables the ability to configure networked devices remotely through a web-based portal.

“Our clients are faced with the challenge of continuously managing a diverse fleet of multi-vendor output devices. This single solution reduces the IT burden of managing a wide variety of printing devices by enabling PrintFleet clients to configure, monitor, maintain and troubleshoot, which ultimately leads to increasing business productivity and reducing costs” said Chris McFarlane, PrintFleet President & CEO.

PrintFleet Remote Tech’s intuitive user interface will provide:
► Real-time bi-directional communication
► Enhanced error history information for devices
► Remote

  • Device configuration
  • Device information settings (asset #, location, technician, etc.)
  • Network settings
  • Ability to write to the MIB
  • Device rebooting

PrintFleet Remote Tech addresses key challenges faced by the Dealer, VAR, and MSP community by simplifying device integration and configuration of device settings. Installing Remote Tech will enable a Service Provider to take immediate and appropriate action, reduce overall service delivery costs and minimize device downtime for the end-user.

This article was originally posted on Buyer's Laboratory.