PrintFleet and Canon U.S.A. Collaborate on Fleet Management

Ontario, Canada – PrintFleet celebrated the culmination of two years of collaboration with Canon U.S.A., Inc., a leader in digital imaging solutions, to release PrintFleet Remote Tech, a service utility that streamlines device monitoring and management capabilities into a single solution that will significantly improve efficiency and productivity of service delivery for Canon Dealers in North America.

Remote Tech is a powerful tool developed to deliver key service data collected directly from Canon devices equipped with Canon’s embedded Remote Diagnostic System (eRDS) and Canon’s Remote Maintenance System (imageWARE Remote). The data is then forwarded to a client’s PrintFleet server for compilation and action. Remote Tech’s bi-directional communication functionality enables many service related activities, such as device configuration, remote reboot and MIB writing to be performed remotely. PrintFleet Remote Tech addresses key challenges faced by the Dealer, VAR, and MSP community by simplifying device integration, installation and configuration for set device defaults from a centralized location, into a single MPS software tool.

“PrintFleet Enterprise was originally released in 2005 to help Dealers manage printer consumables – mainly toners,” reported Chris McFarlane, PrintFleet President & CEO. “Remote Tech is the latest evolution of PrintFleet’s widely used fleet monitoring solution. The added functionality of remotely installing, configuring, and managing a wide variety of imaging devices is a defining moment for PrintFleet and we are especially proud that we are launching this capability with Canon as our collaborator.” PrintFleet Enterprise’s intuitive user interface, with Remote Tech, will provide:

► Real-time bi-directional communication
► Enhanced data information for devices: meter, error, history, parts counter, toner alerts
► Remote

  • Device configuration
  • Device information settings (asset #, location, technician, etc.)
  • Network settings • Ability to write to the MIB
  • Device rebooting

“PrintFleet has been a Premier Member of Canon's Developer Support Program for over two years, working closely with us to ensure up-to-date MIB support for our devices,” said Sam Yoshida, vice president & general manager, Marketing, Business Imaging Solutions Group, Canon U.S.A. “Now, with the launch of Remote Tech, we've joined forces with PrintFleet to further assist with device configuration capabilities making device discovery, organization and configuration easy for maximum fleet management efficiency.”

This article was originally posted on Buyer's Laboratory.