Print Management and Your Business

There are many terms that are thrown around in the copier and managed services industry that don’t necessarily mean anything to a business owner or the layperson. Although some of these terms may seem foreign, the term Print Management actually says something in the name that describes exactly its purpose or intent. Managing the printing in your office is a very important aspect of your daily business operations and business owners everywhere may be surprised by the cost associated with the paper that is used on a monthly basis.

You typically know your copier dealer for office equipment like printers and multifunction systems. You may have also dabbled in some other services typically offered by that same dealer like Document Solutions. What you may not be familiar with is that that same copier dealer usually has a wide array of services to offer your business the best chance in remaining productive, efficient, and cost effective. This is exactly where Print Management comes in.

An office that finds itself doing a lot of printing during the month, may be ignoring simple facts about their expenses. The truth is that they don’t have to be. Here are some ways that Print Management translates into real dollars and cents for businesses.

Track Printing Output- Print Management is all about making sure that you’re printing efficiently. That’s why tracking your printing output is so important; it allows you to pinpoint areas that you are printing too much, and in other cases, too little.

Managing your Print Fleet- This is simply monitoring every printer that you utilize in your office. Without Print Management, you may know what’s going on with one machine, but keeping tabs on all of your machines is going to be really hard. Print Management ensures that all of your machines are being serviced when they need to be as well as refilling ink and toner whenever necessary.

Placing Equipment Efficiently- Another aspect of Print Management that is sometimes overlooked is the fact that a copier dealer will place your equipment efficiently throughout your office for maximum productivity. For example, it makes sense that the high-capacity machine is located near the department that needs it most.

There are many other aspects of Print Management that help your business succeed, all of which won’t fit in this blog. The important take away is that these services exist to boost the efficiency in your office.

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