Print is Good for Business

While we do encourage being environmentally friendly by using green printing habits we also know how important print is to any business and we encourage using print to advertise and market your company and products.

Your company should use print advertisement along with electronic forms of advertising to see the best results.

According to recent research, campaigns combining direct mail and Internet yield up to an additional 25 percent response rate and nearly 80 percent of households read or scan advertising mail sent to their household and were directly influenced to purchase an item or service.

Direct mail can be a lucrative way to advertise as long as it is done properly.

Here are some tips for making the most of your direct mail ad campaign:

  1. Know your audience. Do research on whom you need to advertise to. Sending out flyers aimlessly will be a waste of money.
  2. Don’t be boring. Make sure what you are sending out is appealing to the eye and attracts customers. Hold focus groups to make sure your direct mail will be enjoyed by the receivers.
  3. Have an up-to-date mailing list. Make sure the addresses and information in your mail list is current. You don’t want to be sending mail to a vacant home.
  4. Be precise and clear. Make sure your direct mail is direct! Don’t beat around the bush just come right out front and tell the receivers the purpose of the flyer and what you can do for them.

Many companies have fallen for the belief that print is dead but is not. It is proven that brand recall is substantially higher using print vs. onscreen. On-screen information is 20 to 30 percent more difficult to read.

It is smart to implement print in your company’s ad campaign.

Just make sure you do it correctly!