PRINERGY 8.1: meet the update that enhances the way digital printers implement workflow software

Digital and offset printers are typically faced with a multiplicity of manufacturers when operating their shop. This can often result in inefficient processes and workflow bottlenecks.

Here’s how PRINERGY Workflow Version 8 Helps Solve that Problem: 
With last year’s release of KODAK PRINERGY Workflow 8, we wanted to provide dynamic solutions to common workflow challenges faced by digital and offset printers alike. PRINERGY Workflow 8 allows printers to leverage both their offset and digital presses, with features like the Universal Digital Job Ticket Editor and single prepress workflow. This allows them to make production decisions in real-time, effectively increasing efficiency and cutting costs.

And Kodak is committed to continual growth. 
We’re continually looking to find avenues of growth for our customers. We understand that as the industry continues to change, print businesses need to be poised to adapt and constantly move forward in strategy, product, and workflow features.

Introducing PRINERGY Workflow Version 8.1 
With 8.1, we offer the broadest range of digital connectivity, including EFI Fiery and HP. This allows printers to leverage flexibility and increase efficiency with bi-directional communication between PRINERGY Workflow and digital devices.

Offering the broadest range of digital connectivity means that digital printers no longer have to shuffle from one workflow to another and feel the weight of incongruent processes. With PRINERGY Workflow 8.1, digital printers are able to connect to a broad range of digital devices using a single control point.

Going with the flow has never been easier. Experience the possibilities by upgrading today.