The Potential Pitfalls of Improper Equipment Consolidation

The consolidation of equipment in your office is a positive step towards increasing office efficiency. However, if you do not properly consolidate equipment and don’t take into account the overall need and deployment of equipment throughout your office, it is easy to actually hinder the productivity of your employees. The top problems that businesses have in regards to the deployment and consolidation of their equipment include:

  • Utilizing too many devices, driving up supply costs.
  • Consolidating equipment down to too few devices. This causes bottlenecks and does not allow your employees to work at maximum productivity.
  • Not giving your employees the right tools to do the job, such as implementing black and white copiers when they need the ability to copy in color.
  • Improperly deploying equipment that sets too many machines outside of the normal work area. Proper deployment means optimizing your office so that the maximum number of users have access to your copiers and printers without causing bottlenecks and leaving users in other parts of the office without equipment.

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