Pinnacle Data Systems L.L.C. Combines Cost Savings and Transpromo Efficiency with Océ JetStream 1000 Full-color Inkjet Printing

<p>January 11, 2012 – Trumbull, CT – Océ, an international leader in digital document management and delivery, today announced that with Océ JetStream® color inkjet printing, Pinnacle Data Systems L.L.C. has enhanced their full-color production efficiency and reduced reliance on preprinted color forms. Pinnacle has also increased its ability to offer clients the benefits of one-to-one marketing services. </p> <p>Pinnacle Data Systems L.L.C. provides content management and distribution services for document-intensive companies. Its customers range from insurance carriers, credit unions and financial services to utilities and telecommunications providers. Initial applications for the Océ JetStream technology at Pinnacle are brokerage and financial services statements and utility billing. </p> <!--break--> <p>&quot;Our goal was to eliminate as many preprinted forms as possible, serving to increase our efficiency in the manufacturing process, while offering our customers the further value-added services of one-to-one marketing and full-color graphics on the printed document,&quot; said Pinnacle President Robert Reddinger. &quot;Quite simply, the Océ JetStream system gives us full-color printing at an affordable cost per image, plus we have added significant horsepower to position us for growth.&quot; </p> <p><b>Impressive Cost Reductions Help Justify Investment</b></p> <p>With the Océ JetStream production printer, Pinnacle has the technology needed to drastically reduce requirements for preprinted stock, as well as trim the associated costs for warehousing, inventory management, spoilage and obsolescence. Now, instead of an additional step to print black onto full-color preprinted shells, Pinnacle can run an entire variable full-color statement on plain paper with a more streamlined workflow. </p> <p>&quot;The Océ JetStream is a well-constructed, heavy duty machine for high-volume production, full-color quality and consistency,&quot; said Reddinger. Even with low initial volume of five million letter impressions a month, Pinnacle was able to cost justify the investment in the system, and the company still has ample capacity on the printer to expand color workload up to 24 million letter impressions per month. The company – already on a growth trajectory – is well positioned to enhance its offering of one-to-one marketing and other variable, transaction-based communications services to new and current customers. &quot;By driving high quality, full-color onto the printed page, we believe significant opportunities exist for merging full-color marketing messages with traditional statements and invoices, thereby enhancing the value of our clients' printed output through one-to-one marketing campaigns.&quot; </p> <p><b>Smooth Workflow Software Integration Was Key Factor</b></p> <p>The Océ JetStream 1000 system is now in operation at Pinnacle's facility near Birmingham, AL, where the single Océ printer replaced several cutsheet engines. In addition, Pinnacle acquired Océ PRISMAproduction® and Océ TrueProof® software help manage production workflow. The Océ PRISMA software tightly integrates with Pinnacle's existing third party document composition and workflow software, which was an additional factor in their final decision on a production printing platform. </p> <p>The Océ PRISMAproduction™ server is a high performance output management system for both transaction and Graphic Arts print production. With this workflow platform, print professionals can manage the complexities of full-color digital workflows for mid- to very high-volume transaction and publishing applications. The Océ PRISMA workflow software helps Pinnacle transform and route jobs, including those that originate on the mainframe. The ability to convert data from LCDS, PostScript, PDF and AFP to IPDS provides greater flexibility in routing work to Océ printers and other systems in the production environment. </p> <p>Océ TrueProof software soft-proofing tool has helped Pinnacle reduce proofing time. It delivers a professional on-screen proof print, which is a pixel-perfect simulation of the original print out. This eliminates the cost of down time, consumables, personnel and setup of a high-volume production printer for hardcopy proof printing. Users can also use the software to test print data from external sources before production. </p> <p>&quot;At a time when others are struggling, Pinnacle Data Systems is growing, and a key reason for that is their bold thinking and strategic investment in state-of-the-art technology. The company's plan for growth is impressive. While competitors sit on the sidelines and wait for business, Pinnacle has ramped up its capabilities and is aggressively marketing new products and services that will greatly benefit its target customers,&quot; said Francis A. McMahon, Vice President, Marketing, Océ North America Production Printing Systems. </p>