Passing with Flying Colors- Xerox Adds Cost-Effective Color to the Classroom, Saving a School District 20% in Print Costs

The Challenge

In a time of severe financial hardship, a North Carolina School district’s large fleet of black and white HP® desktop printers was only adding to the problem. Printers were scattered everywhere and the district couldn’t determine how much these devices were really costing them. Many were broken or running heavy volumes, had little or no toner and had very poor print quality. Still, teachers desperately needed to print and found creative ways to keep the devices running.

Some purchased supplies for their own printers. Others brought in old HP inkjet printers from home, which put added ressure on the IT department to fix them. All of this created a situation that was out of control in terms of cost management and accountability. That’s when the district’s IT director turned to Xerox for help. 

The Solution

Using the Xerox methodology of assess, design, implement and manage, the Xerox team went to work, first doing a complete volume, cost and quality assessment of the district’s print fleet. The 60-day assessment gave Xerox a true picture of the print volumes being run on the district’s 55 copiers, 40 network printers and 440 classroom HP desktop printers. Xerox discovered that the district’s monthly cost to manage and maintain all of these devices was extremely high. Xerox then proposed a strategy to consolidate the standalone black and white devices with Xerox® MFPs, which would give the teachers the ability to print in color and the incentive to move away from the classroom printers. To help reduce the cost of printing in color, Xerox® ColorQube technology was used with its three-tier pricing. This gave the teachers the ability to add color and highlight text on their lesson plans for less than the cost of printing on their classroom HP printers. Pcounter software was also added to the mix, giving teachers the freedom to print from any MFP on campus, while allowing the district to centrally manage its costs down to the individual user and device.

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