A Paperless Office is Still Popular

If you keep up to date with printing industry news and copier industry trends, then you would know that turning the office of today into a paperless office is typically at the forefront of every list or article. Businesses are realizing that going paperless at the office has many advantages including being more environmentally friendly, saving money, and cutting costs. But to truly go paperless is easier said than done. This involves the entire integration of all communication devices and documents into an electronic format. It also means that printing becomes an archaic and extinct practice at your office; a feat that is hardly easy to do—even in today’s world.

So what are some steps that you can take as a company to move you closer to the goal of becoming a paperless office? We have provided you with some easy tips to follow that will eliminate some need for paper usage and printing and also some tips that will help you accomplish this.

  1. Encourage the Use of Email- Using email and other forms of electronic communication at the office (ex. Skype, IM’s) will eliminate the need for printing memos or other inter-office communications.
  2. Update Technology- It becomes harder and harder to pursue a paperless office with outdated technology. In order to accomplish your goals, you may need to invest in new technology that better facilitates the transfer and use of electronic information.
  3. Think Before Printing- Saving paper and printing less can be as simple as making the choice to send something via email or IM before clicking the print button. Most print jobs aren’t necessary and can be avoided simply by sending the information electronically instead.
  4. Invest in Proper Workflow Management- Companies offer tailor made solutions for businesses of all sizes in regard to document or print management systems and software. This will ensure that the information that is passing through your business electronically is done in an efficient manner.

Going completely paperless at the workplace is a challenge for any business. That is why if companies take positive steps toward reaching their goal, they may be able to attain this in the near future.

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