P-touch® Commercial Labeling Solution Helps Major Telecom Company’s Customers Stay Connected

Business Problem

One of the country’s leading providers of voice and data communications had long recognized the benefits of proper labeling and has practiced some form of labeling for many years. According to a senior field service engineer with the company, “we used a typical handheld labeler and typed in information we felt relevant to the application, but often forgot to include something (like the service number to call) or there was inconsistency in the format, making some labels difficult to read.” They tried preprinting their labels, but this presented problems with custom data, and there were so many different applications that it became impractical to preprint so many kinds of labels – not to mention the impossible task to manage the inventory for hundreds of installers all over the country. Handwritten labels solve some of these problems, but they are time consuming as each field service technician struggles to print legibly.

Labeling is a thumbprint of professionalism and the company was determined to find a labeling solution that meets their requirements.

Business Solution

The company made organization changes, including a new corporate logo which provided an opportune time to identify and standardize on a better labeling solution for the company. Since this group had positive experience using P-touch® electronic labeling machines in the past, they approached Brother to help them find an ideal solution. The field service technicians specialize on installing WANs (wide area networks) onsite for commercial accounts like retail stores and restaurants, and required a portable labeling solution that will work in any of these installation environments. They needed a solution flexible enough to label a 56K line, all the way up to a DS3 (T3) which contains 28 T1 lines; and needed to label all equipment these lines are connected to: panels, modems, routers, switches, network cables and power cords. They needed to control the look of the labels to be consistent for any company installation, but required flexibility to add new designs for future customers with special requirements. Finally, they needed the labeler to print the new corporate logo on the label as a mark of professionalism. 

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