OKI Introduces Traceability System as Measure against Counterfeiting of Printer Consumables

<p><strong>TOKYO, October 12, 2010</strong> -- OKI Data Corporation, an OKI Group company specializing in the printer business, today announced that it has introduced a &quot;brand protection system,&quot; realizing high-precision assessment of authenticity via cutting-edge technology, as a measure against counterfeit ink ribbons and toner cartridges. The system will first be introduced in Asia starting in November 2010, and will be subsequently introduced in other regions.</p> <p>The system is the world's first to incorporate both assessment of authenticity as well as traceability. It uses a Product Control Authentication System (PCAS)<a href="http://www.oki.com/en/press/2010/10/z10072e.html#note1">(*1)</a> from TÜV Rheinland and <a href="http://www.dnp.co.jp/international/holo/index.html">Lippmann hologram</a><a href="http://www.oki.com/en/press/2010/10/z10072e.html#note2">(*2)</a> transfer printing technology from Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.</p> <!--break--> <p>The consumable packaging is sealed with a label on which a PCAS number-an encrypted 13-digit ID code intended to prevent counterfeiting-and a Lippmann hologram are printed. The Lippmann hologram, which is difficult to counterfeit, allows for simple assessment of authenticity with a single glance. Moreover, users can see instantly whether the PCAS number is a copy/forgery, or an official number unique to the product, simply by entering it on OKI Data's authenticity assessment service web page.</p> <p>&quot;OKI will be providing a simple authentication system to all end users where the label itself serves as both the seal and the counterfeit prevention measure,&quot; says Harushige Sugimoto, President of OKI Data. &quot;In addition, the code and location entered into the authenticity assessment service enables traceability, not only for counterfeit goods but also for authentic items, allowing users to gain a better understanding of their consumables usage. OKI expects to see higher rates of recycling for used cartridges due to the introduction of this system.&quot;</p>