OKI Data and Toshiba Tec to Launch New, Jointly-Developed, A4 Color Multifunction Products (MFPs) -

TOKYO, March 12, 2013 OKI Data Corporation and Toshiba Tec Corporation today announced the launch of their first jointly-developed A4 color MFPs designed for the office market. The new range of MFPs will be available globally, with shipments to Europe and Americas scheduled to start from early April. The two companies have a total global sales target of 30,000 units over the next year.

In recent years, there has been a growing need for cost reduction and improvements in business productivity which can be achieved through the use of MFPs. Customers are demanding improved support for solutions that enable print control, document management and integration into their operational workflow. Additionally, demand for A4 color MFPs in the global market is expected to expand by approximately 10% year-on-year. Capitalizing on these trends, OKI Data and Toshiba Tec have combined their technological strengths and developed new high performance color MFPs, ideal for the mid to large workgroup segment.

The new MFPs are equipped with Toshiba Tec’s controller on OKI Data’s unique LED print engine. The Open Platform technology, achieved through Toshiba Tec’s controller, enables system integrators to develop and provide diverse solutions to enhance workflow integration. Moreover, the MFP comes with a large, 9-inch (23cm) color touch screen panel for user-friendly operation.

“OKI Data's alliance with Toshiba Tec strengthens our ability to deliver comprehensive printing solutions to our enterprise clients," says Takashi Inoue, General Manager of Products Business Division at OKI Data. “Against the backdrop of an increasing number of smart devices and cloud based solutions, we plan to deliver business efficiency, responding to the changing office printing market needs, through an enhanced product line-up.”

“We are pleased to add the new A4 color MFP to our A3 color MFP portfolio, which ranges from low to mid speed as well as flagship products,” says Hidetaka Nonami, General Manager, Products & Marketing Division of Global Solutions Business Group at Toshiba Tec. “Toshiba Tec will further expand areas in which customers can use color MFPs and we will also propose further usage of MFPs, not only for offices but also for stores and establishments such as retail and service related areas.”

OKI Data and Toshiba Tec will continue joint developments by leveraging their strengths. Through enhancing product performance and solutions, the companies will provide printing solutions best suited to their customers’ business.

Republished with permission from Buyers Laboratory LLC (www.buyerslab.com). ©2013 Buyers Laboratory LLC