Office Printing Just Got Easier

<p>Office workers can now enjoy frustration free printing and help the environment at the same time with the latest release of Ricoh’s Equitrac software.</p> <p>Equitrac solutions provide document cost management (auditing, allocation, recovery) and output management solutions for multifunction devices.</p> <p>With the improved print system, named Print &amp; Copy Control 4 (PCC4), documents can be automatically detected and printed using a swipe card or PIN at any multifunctional device on an organisation’s network.</p> <p>“This signals the end of stacks of wasted paper due to abandoned print jobs.” said Kathy Wilson, General Manager of Business Solutions for Ricoh Australia.</p> <p>The latest version of PCC4 includes other enhancements, such as:</p> <ul> <li>Easier interaction at the multifunctional device with single sign on to third party applications for a superior user experience. </li> <li>Simpler access to documents anywhere on the print server without searching, from any printer on the network with Follow-You-Printing. </li> <li>Straightforward one-button scanning directly to email with Scan-to-Me.</li> </ul> <!--break--> <p>“When we talk to customers, this is what they’ve asked for – being able to print to anywhere in their office makes their work day that much more productive,” Wilson said.</p> <p>“Also with Equitrac’s PCC4, managers can see how much they’ve spent on printing and exactly who is printing what, therefore allowing them to make more informed decisions regarding their fleet.”</p> <p>PCC4 also ensures document confidentiality, because the job isn’t printed until it has been released by the user’s swipe card or PIN.</p> <p>To see examples of Equitrac in action, have a look at how Equitrac helped the Hawthorn Football Club and Santos.</p> <p>For more information on Equitrac click here.</p> <p>This article was originally posted on <a href="">Bertl</a>.</p>