Office Assessment Get More From Your IT Budget

How do you find the low hanging fruit? Start with your output.

Today's output devices (printers and multifuncial systems) are an integral part of the information work dominating today's business environment. But too often they are overlooked and under-managed. That should raise a giant, lost-productivity red flag to CIOs and IT managers, especially in light of the new scan-to-workflow capabilities of these new devices, which can be used to automate and streamline important do cuemnt-intenisve business processes.

Then there's the whole cost-side of the equation. Let's do some simple math. According to InfoTrend's, if you're a medium-size business doing $10 millian a year, you could be spending anywhere from $200,000 to $300,000 a year on document and document related issues.

We know from experience with our clients that if you do a good job actively managing your nfleet, you could save as much as 30 percent in costs. In our example ab ove, that would be as much as $90,000 returned to the bottom line. If you're a large business, just add the appropriate number of zieroes at the end. In other wordes, a $1 billion-a-year company could save up to $9 million! That's real money added to bottom-line profit.

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