Océ system is bursting with options

Venlo, The Netherlands, 10 March 2008 — Océ today announced a new addition to its production printing portfolio: the Océ VarioPrint™ 1105. This flexible cutsheet production system provides users with multiple options in terms of paper input, output, software, applications and finishing. Océ is supporting the system with its Professional Printroom Program, an Océ approach that helps printrooms to improve their professionalism and profitability. The system will be available worldwide in April.


Options to improve service within companies

“In-house and commercial printrooms face a lot of pressure to prove their worth. The Océ VarioPrint 1105 gives our customers the options they need to meet their demands and deadlines,” says Rob Pijpers, International Product Line Manager for the Océ VarioPrint 1105.  

“The Océ Professional Printroom Program, furthermore, helps printrooms to better serve customers, maximize cost savings and prove their strategic value to companies. Together the Océ hardware, software and support give in-house and commercial printrooms the tools they need to thrive in today’s challenging business climate.”


Finishing and input options to increase value to customers

The Océ VarioPrint 1105 prints 105 prints per minute, and features a large number of finishing options.


The Océ VarioPrint 1105 features the following finishing options:

  • Two point and corner stapling of up to 100 sheets

  • Stacking of up to 10,000 sheets

  • Multi folding options, including z-fold, gatefold and center-fold

  • Saddle stitched booklets of up to 50 sheets (or 200-image booklets)

  • Book binding for books of up to 300 sheets (600 pages)

  • Two insert trays of 500 sheets, for (preprinted) inserts

The system also has versatile input. It has an input capacity of up to 10,000 sheets, which facilitates longer unattended print copy runs. It handles weights up to 300 grams and sizes up to 324 mm x 460 mm from universal paper trays.

“Customers expect their company printrooms to be able to produce the

documents they want,” says Pijpers. “The Océ VarioPrint 1105 makes it easier for printrooms to do business and meet these customer requirements.”


Software options that help printrooms gain control

The Océ VarioPrint 1105 is fully compatible with Océ PRISMAprepare, which simplifies prepress tasks, and takes full advantage of all finishing opportunities. Océ PRISMAprepare is based on market-standard Adobe PDF workflow and is printer independent, supporting Océ and non-Océ, black-and-white and color printers. “Océ PRISMAprepare software gives printrooms more control over their Océ VarioPrint 1105,” says Pijpers. “This can translate into real cost savings in terms of reduced user error, efficient use of systems and the ability to easily charge back costs to the right departments.”


Océ Professional Printroom Program to improve efficiency

The Océ Professional Printroom Program is a stepwise program that allows printing professionals to systematically change their printroom configuration. Océ consultants work with printroom managers to install the hardware and software most appropriate for their needs. “We have helped many companies worldwide dramatically improve their efficiency,” says Pijpers. “The Océ Professional Printroom Program gives companies a way to take a strategic look at their document production infrastructure. We then help them make the changes necessary to streamline their document workflows. In many cases, this has allowed printrooms to operate as profit centers rather than cost centers.”


Part of the Océ black-and-white production printing portfolio

The Océ VarioPrint 1105 enriches the Océ production printing portfolio. Océ VarioPrint black-and-white cutsheet systems come in speeds ranging from 91 to 250 pages per minute. The Océ systems are modular, giving companies the flexibility necessary to customize their printrooms. “The Océ VarioPrint 1105 fulfills a strategic role in our black-and-white production printing portfolio,” says Pijpers. “This means we can offer our customers a comprehensive printing solution.”


For further information, please contact:

Nancy Aschman

Director Corporate Communications

Tel. +31 77 359 2714

e-mail nancy.aschman@oce.com


About Océ

Océ is one of the world’s leading providers of document management and printing for professionals. The broad Océ offering includes office printing and copying systems, high speed digital production printers and wide format printing systems for both technical documentation and color display graphics. Océ is also a foremost supplier of document management outsourcing. Many of the world’s Fortune 500 companies and leading commercial printers are Océ customers. The company was founded in 1877. With headquarters in Venlo, The Netherlands, Océ is active in over 90 countries and employs some 24,000 people worldwide. Total revenues in 2007 amounted to € 3.1 billion.

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