Océ office range awarded Blue Angel certificate

Venlo, The Netherlands, 31 March 2008 — The award of the prestigious Blue Angel label to almost the entire Océ office product range is proof of the products’ environmental-friendly qualities. The Blue Angel label is administered by the renowned German quality assurance and product labeling institute (www.ral.de ), who have recently made their certification requirements even more stringent. More than ever, the Blue Angel label is one of the world's most sought-after environmental awards for office equipment — but also brings very practical benefits to office users.

Healthier working environment

The award-winning Océ VarioPrint-, CS- and MP-Series systems have fulfilled very strict requirements on emissions of dust, heat, ozone and noise. The machines produce virtually no ozone emissions thanks to the use of efficient energy saving technologies like short warm-up times, power saving modes, toner saving modes as well as the overall extremely low power consumption during operation. All that adds up and contributes to a healthier environment for office workers and sets new industry standards.

Longer service life

Blue Angel certified products are products of outstanding quality with a long service life. Spare parts are guaranteed for at least five years after production ends, which means users can be sure of obtaining parts throughout the long lifecycle of these Océ printing systems.

Less waste through recycling

Blue Angel certification means that products cause as little waste as possible. In practical terms, this means that the environmentally friendly design of the Océ multifunctionals allows parts of the machine to be re-used. Already in production, Océ uses recycled plastics and parts in their products.

Blue Angel certified:

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