Océ JetStream 1900 Inkjet Printing System Offers Speed, Versatility and Minimal Footprint

TRUMBULL, CONN. February 22, 2012 – Océ, a Canon Group company and an international leader in digital document management, has extended its continuous feed portfolio with the launch of the new Océ JetStream® 1900 printing system. This innovative printer is part of the Océ JetStream Compact series, offering the highest versatility at minimal footprint.

Higher speed handles growing color business

The new Océ JetStream 1900 system offers a printing speed of 417 feet per minute, equivalent to just over 25,000 feet per hour, in digital full color. A member of the scalable Océ JetStream Compact series of high-volume, inkjet duplex printers, the Océ JetStream 1900 system expands the range of this series from two field upgradeable speed bands of 246 and 328 feet per minute to even faster 417 feet per minute, thereby increasing productivity by more than 25% over earlier Compact series models. This makes the Océ JetStream 1900 system, the high-end product of the Océ JetStream Compact series, the ideal solution for cost-effective personalized, full color printing.

 Performance and premium mode cut costs and raise quality

For print jobs with short production windows and tight cost constraints, the performance mode of the Océ JetStream 1900 system operates at 417 feet per minute, which translates to 1,818 letter images per minute, at 600 x 480 dpi resolution and multilevel dot modulation. For top quality requirements, the premium mode enables printing at 600 x 600 dpi at 328 feet per minute or 1,428 letter images per minute.

Transactional applications, direct mail documents or short-run books are often characterized by tight production windows and very high peak loads. This is where the Océ JetStream 1900 system reveals its strengths and economic advantages. For cost-effective production, the standard InkEconomy feature can reduce overall ink consumption and facilitate substantial ink savings. Users also benefit from the reliability, print quality and media range associated with the Océ JetStream family.

New Océ JetStream 1900 addresses changing business needs

"This newest member of the Océ JetStream Compact series offers the highest level of flexibility and productivity," said Kris Albee, Director, Product Marketing, Production Printing Systems division of Océ North America. "This flexibility productivity, and small footprint, coupled with Océ's award-winning service is what is mot important to our customers."

That sentiment is shared by customer Andy Mandell, Chairman of the Board at Data-Mail, Inc., Hartford, Conn. When the company bought its JetStream 2200, both service and size mattered. "We think we got the best of everything with the JetStream," he said. "The footprint of the printer was smaller which was advantageous to us because we are short on space here. But we had to have a dependable partner, someone we could really count on. That's why we picked a company like Océ."

Investment protection based on core technologies

All members of the Océ JetStream family, including the new high-speed Océ JetStream 1900, are based on core technologies such as the field-proven Océ DigiDot® and the Océ SRA® MP controller architecture. The Océ SRA MP controller is ideal for rigorous high-speed, full color digital printing. This supports a clear growth path and compatible workflow across all Océ JetStream engines.


Océ JetStream 1900 placements are planned for early 2012. Océ JetStream 1400 customers will be offered an upgrade option to the Océ JetStream 1900, enabling them to benefit from versatility in quality and performance.