Océ Global Document Solutions Case Study

Company Profile:

In today’s dynamic business arena announcements of company mergers and acquisitions have become quite common. What may not be so familiar, however, is what happens after the announcement is made. The need to merge business operations and computing platforms is critical for success. Of course, this  must happen all while the new organization ensures superior service and customer continuity.

Before the merger, XRC was heavily focused in the On-Demand market, but realized that customers have further require-ments for mailing, statements and other documentoriented services. 

“We either had to build it ourselves or link with someone who added the services we lacked,” said Roger Gimbel, Director of Worldwide Operations and Marketing for Global Document Solutions, and president of XRC. ADM did not have an On-Demand business and was likewise studying the gaps in their service offerings and reaching a similar conclusion. “Merging versus building was a matter of economies, time and the ability to expand immediately. We accomplished it in three months rather than three years,” declared Gimbel.

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