Océ Driving Productivity

Executive Summary

Intense competition. Demand for immediate results. The steady growth of digital media. The print industry is in a state of flux and has been for some time. But even as market consolidation continues and customers use ink on paper in concert with alternate channels like email and the Internet, print is an important medium that is here to stay. With increasing competition for printed pages, how do commercial print shops and in-plants compete, survive, or even thrive in the new world of print?

Clearly, print providers can no longer rely on the same old solutions to handle the rising tide of new expectations and requests for increasingly complex jobs. Personalization is becoming a requirement in more documents as business shifts from a market-centric to a customer- entric model. Integrated marketing components are finding their way into traditionally transactional documents. And customers are looking for instant turnaround on everything from quotes and proofs to production, reprints, and delivery. 

Efficiency and productivity have taken center stage as critical requirements for success, and modern print providers must look beyond traditional tools, services, and cost-cutting measures to ensure their place in the future.

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