Océ Deploys Virtual Tap Technology to Achieve Optimal Data Protection Throughout Europe

The Challenge

Consolidation of data protection – elimination of individual dataprotection solutions in a heterogeneous system environment with BS2000 and MVS systems plus several hundred servers in the open system area Management of enormous growth in volume – deployment highperformance, easily scalable solution to support centralization of data protection for European locations

The Solution

Océ enables its customers to deal effectively with information, and of
course the company consistently uses innovative technology to build on
its own competitive advantages. The most recent example involved
deployment of a seamless solution for central data protection based on
virtual tape technology from Fujitsu. The modular solution features the
CentricStor Virtual Tape Appliance and NetWorker backup software
from Fujitsu, which Océ Printing Systems has used to make data protection
service more economical and more reliable for all of its European locations
while boosting performance at the same time. Since Océ operates a
heterogeneous environment with over 300 systems, the company now
especially benefits from the unique capability of CentricStor for crossplatform consolidation of tape processing.

The Project

Océ uses a high-performance IT infrastructure to maintain workflow
efficiency. For example, several BS2000 and MVS systems control the
company’s automated production lines, development activities and
testing. In addition, more than 300 servers in an open-systems area
handle SAP® applications and Oracle® databases as well as e-mail and
CAD programs. Up to now, Océ has been using island solutions for
data protection. These included outmoded tape virtualization for
mainframes and NetWorker backup for open systems, both of which
were directly linked with tape libraries using older tape technology.
Since the performance of the solution in the mainframe environment
was unsatisfactory, the customer decided to introduce the CentricStor
Virtual Tape Appliance. “CentricStor is the only solution that permits
cross-platform consolidation of tape processing,” says Sebastian
Hohentanner, Group Head SAP Base/Data Center Services with Océ
Printing systems. This was a benefit that paid off quickly since the
company decided to centralize the data centers of the European Océ
locations in early 2005.

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