Océ CS9200 Series offers increased production capacity Sensational speed

Venlo, The Netherlands, 26 March 2008 — The new Océ CS9200 Series printers offer increased production capacity and high quality output.  Designed to use new High Speed Low-solvent inks, the Océ CS9200 Series printers can create both indoor and outdoor displays with a durability of up to three years.  These printers are ideal for producing point-of-sale signage, vinyl and textile banners, vehicle graphics, exhibition displays, window graphics and more.

Production indoor and outdoor printing system

Commercial printers that want to expand their production capacity will appreciate the Océ CS9200 Series printers. Two models are included: the 65-inch (165.1 cm) wide Océ CS9265 and the 88-inch (224 cm) wide Océ CS9290. 

Eight new micro-staggered printheads and the new High Speed Low-solvent inks in the Océ CS9200 Series enable timely completion of big production jobs and rush jobs in Production print mode.

With print speeds of up to 40 square meters (431 square feet) per hour, the Océ CS9200 Series printers can increase production capacity for both indoor and outdoor-durable prints. The High Quality print mode delivers top quality print work at print speeds of up to 14.4 square meters (155 square feet) per hour. In Quality mode, speeds of up to 20.9 square meters (225 square feet) per hour can be achieved. The High Speed print mode enables print speeds of up to 80 square meters (862 square feet) per hour for less critical applications with longer viewing distances.

The new High Speed Low-solvent inks were developed to support the sensational print speed of the Océ CS9200 Series, enabling the use of the Production print modes for many different applications on a wide range of media.

The High Speed Low-solvent inks offer superior color gamut, improved drying characteristics and excellent lightfastness, and can be used for up to three years outdoors without lamination. They are scratch-, smear- and crack resistant, and lamination is only advised for heavy-duty applications where mechanical stress is involved, such as floor and vehicle graphics.

Superior ink economy through advanced print technologies

The Océ CS9200 Series offers superior ink economy and print quality through the use of Océ CS9000 VariaDot™ imaging technology and WAVE Stitching PLUS print modes.

Océ CS9000 VariaDot imaging technology

Océ CS9000 VariaDot imaging technology produces dots with variable drop sizes to deliver finer details, smoother gradients and sharper images. The use of Océ CS9000 VariaDot imaging technology results in significantly lower ink usage of the Océ CS9200 Series when compared to the ink usage of six color printers using fixed dot inkjet technology; 25 to 35 percent less ink is used.

WAVE Stitching PLUS

WAVE Stitching was first introduced in the Océ CS9000 Series; it prints in ‘waves’ instead of straight bands resulting in higher print quality, improved productivity and increased media versatility. In the Océ CS9200 Series, WAVE Stitching PLUS is available enabling the use of WAVE Stitching in all print modes. With WAVE Stitching PLUS, the Océ CS9200 Series can produce prints with consistent quality in Production print modes, even when more demanding media are used. The level of banding in Production print modes is greatly reduced to less than that of many solvent printers in High Quality mode.

Easy-to-use and reliable

The Océ CS9200 Series combines high-speed printing with ease-of-use. Both models are equipped with a winder/unwinder system that makes media loading easy and ensures a reliable media feed. Bulk media rolls up to 100kg (220 lbs) are supported on the winder/unwinder system. The Océ CS9200 Series is easy to maintain because the maintenance and capping station are easily accessible.  Operator maintenance of the printer takes only five minutes per day.

For complete peace-of-mind, Océ offers several Service Contract options for the Océ CS9200 Series. Contracts can be tuned to an individual customer needs.  Océ Service & Support ensures the highest printer uptime enabling our customers to achieve their business goals. For more information, consult the “Océ Service & Support for DGS printers” brochure.

Optional items

Air Purification System

The optional Air Purification System (APS) is available to ensure a clean and safe working environment. The APS actively filters the air coming from the printer resulting in solvent levels that are comfortably within the accepted safety guidelines for the workplace.

Infrared Dryer

The optional Infrared Dryer (IRD) is available for applications requiring drying assistance such as slower-drying media in combination with heavy ink loads, or when printing at high speeds. The IRD immediately dries the printed media without altering the color gamut, before rolling onto the take-up reel.

ONYX Workflow Software

ONYX Workflow Software is available as an option to drive the Océ CS9200 Series printers.  For shops with only one printer, ONYX® RipCenter™ V7.1 Océ Edition software is recommended. With ONYX RipCenter Océ Edition, users get the simplicity of click-and-print operation. Default color calibration and ICC profiles – optimized for the Océ CS9200 Series and select media combinations – provide consistent, accurate color “out of the box.”


The Océ CS9200 Series with the new High Speed Low-solvent ink is expected to be available for customer shipment worldwide in the second quarter of 2008.

For further information, please contact:

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Manager Media Relations

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