Océ: Color Digital Press Brings Trailblazing Speed to Asia

Venlo, The Netherlands, 14 April 2008 — With the Asia market rollout of its flagship digital press, the Océ ColorStream 10000, Dutch digital printing group Océ is set to reinforce its position on the burgeoning Asia market and capture greater market share. The color digital press for the Graphic Arts is making its debut appearance in Asia on 14 April 2008, when Océ will present the system to distribution partners and customers at its Asia Distributors’ Conference in Taiwan. 

PIRA, the print industry’s leading research institute, predicts that Asia’s print market will grow 50 per cent by 2010. The market for digital printing hardware is estimated to expand by around 15 per cent, making Asia second only to Eastern Europe in terms of market growth: by 2012, the Chinese market alone is expected to be worth € 50 billion – substantially larger than e.g. the German market, which will account for sales of € 30 billion.

Océ, international digital printing specialist and global leader in continuous feed printing, is committed to shaping the future of this promising market by providing new, high performance digital presses and substantial added value over traditional printing techniques. On 14 April at the Asia Distributors’ Conference and Asia Technical Conference 2008 in Taipei/Taiwan, the Dutch group is presenting one of its latest product highlights, the ColorStream 10000, to the Asia market.

The Océ ColorStream 10000 is one of the fastest toner-based color digital press to be engineered specifically for the Graphic Arts industry. It lets Graphic Arts and other print professionals respond to expanding requirements for high quality color, including personalized applications, without compromising on production efficiency. The Océ ColorStream 10000 can easily handle jobs that were not previously affordable or even possible on one system, such as printing the first few pages of a document in color and the next 50 pages in black & white. The benefits over offset: rapid order turnaround, just-in-time production with no inventory (or pulping of outdated stock) and total variability in content design – significant added-value features that are nowhere more important than in the Graphic Arts industry.

The Graphic Arts industry is growing in prominence in Asia, profiting as it does from mass outsourcing of print volume from Europe and America. However, the region still lags behind Western countries in terms of the arrival of digital printing: books, manuals, packaging and other mass-produced items are as a rule still printed using conventional technologies. But pressure for change is mounting. Large companies with ultra-high print volumes are now recognizing the strategic advantage that they can achieve through digital printing technology. Already positioned successfully as a quality provider and an enabler of long-term customer relationships, Océ now aims to expand its distribution channels and forge a strong market position with competitive, value-added products such as the ColorStream 10000.

Océ also introduces the groundbreaking high speed Océ JetStream color inkjet printing system. Distinguished by Océ DigiDot technology, the new series redefines productivity and quality standards for ultra high volume, full-color production printing. A hefty duty cycle handles well over 60 million impressions per month, allowing an average monthly capacity of up to 5.5 million meters. Offering unprecedented versatility, ease of use and integration into existing workflows, the new Océ JetStream is distinguished by total flexibility as well as raw speed.

The Taiwanese market has special strategic significance: “Taiwan is the absolute pioneer in digital printing and is setting the trends in the Asia market,” states Sebastian Landesberger, Executive Vice President Océ Production Printing. “The country has the world’s highest print production per inhabitant. Thanks to a robust publishing industry (with 40,000 new ISBN-numbered titles each year in a population of just 22 million people), the country is poised for a huge leap in demand for flexible printing solutions such as Print on Demand. Océ’s objective is to help shape the direction of this market and fully participate in the current trend.”

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Océ is one of the world's leading document management companies. In advanced research centers and high-tech production facilities the company develops products and services for the efficient and effective exchange of information, including the reproduction, presentation, distribution and management of documents.
The products and services offered by Océ are characterized by their acknowledged high quality, based on reliability, productivity, durability, ease of use and environmental friendliness. Océ's products and services are primarily offered direct via the company's own sales and service organizations; a limited number are also distributed via third parties.
Océ focuses on professional user environments, particularly those processing high document volumes. Océ has approximately 24,000 employees worldwide and reported revenues of € 3.1 billion (USD 4.1 billion) in 2007.

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