Océ Business Services Introduces Océ PrintExpressTM Online Print and Distribution Service

<p>New York, N.Y. (December 19, 2011) – Océ Business Services, a leader in document process management services and technology, today introduced its Océ PrintExpress online print and distribution service. The new offering has already been deployed at leading healthcare and financial services companies, which require high-quality professional print and finishing service along with next-day or on-demand delivery. </p> <p>Océ PrintExpress, which operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week and requires no software other than a Web browser, is available in two offerings. The On Demand Print offering enables companies with a deadline to submit print jobs up to 10 PM for next day delivery. When deadline is not an issue, Océ PrintExpress provides high-quality print and distribution on demand. The Publishing Market Place offering enables companies to create an online storefront through which their customers or employees can order print materials when needed. Publishing Market Place can be implemented as a cost or profit center, billing either the company's or the customer's account. </p> <!--break--> <p>Océ PrintExpress also gives companies the ability to monitor and control activity with cost and usage reports, which can be detailed according to such categories as user, job or billing codes. Additionally, costs are incurred only when jobs are submitted and shipped. Océ PrintExpress also includes account setup, billing, administration and 24x7 help-desk support. </p> <p>While potentially any size enterprise can use and benefit from Océ PrintExpress, the offering is ideally suited to mid-size and large organizations. One example: the national sales training manager for a major healthcare provider needed to print over 100 manuals for a training conference in less than seven days and have the manuals delivered to the conference center. The manuals required a number of complex details including color printing, custom Mylar tabs and spiral binding. After viewing a demonstration of Océ PrintExpress, the healthcare provider created, proofed and submitted the job. All of the manuals were printed and delivered on time. The healthcare provider is continuing to use Océ PrintExpress and is recommending the solution throughout the organization. </p>