Océ Business Services Helps Organizations Optimize Business Process Imaging Activities for Key Business Benefits

<p>New York, N.Y. (October 24, 2011) – In a recent survey report issued by Océ Business Services, a leader in document process management services and technology, a strong majority of executives surveyed (70%) asserted that document imaging has a moderate to strongly positive impact on supporting their top business objectives. Business Process Imaging (BPI), which focuses on the document intake activities associated with mission-critical processes such as handling insurance claims, is critical to effectively managing these processes. </p> <p>Many companies, however, face challenges in optimizing their document intake processes. This includes reducing errors and increasing the speed and productivity with which documents such as loan applications are received in the mail, prepared, scanned and entered into electronic workflow for processing. To meet these challenges and streamline their document intake operations, organizations are increasingly are tapping the expertise of outside services providers. Results, as highlighted in the following case history example, can be dramatic including cutting document intake processing time by days and reducing costs by millions of dollars over time. </p> <!--break--> <p><u>Optimizing a BPI Process</u></p> <p><u></u> <br /></p> <p>A company that provides human resource (HR) document processing services to thousands of clients, including many FORTUNE 500 companies, teamed with Océ Business Services to help it meet a compelling challenge. The services provider had been growing rapidly and as a result needed to make changes in order to meet stringent document intake standards necessary to effectively process employee benefits transactions. To address the challenge, the company was planning to implement an additional work shift in order to avoid penalties and meet internal production demands. </p> <p>Océ and the company created an alternative. The solution comprised implementing a new approach that would not only eliminate the need for an additional shift, but would decrease expenses over a three-year period as well as significantly reduce the time it takes to process customer HR-related documents. </p> <p>The new approach was based on changing how and where the company processed its customer documents. Rather than a centralized system, in which all the company's mail was processed in one location, Océ helped create a system whereby the mail is being processed in five regional mail centers that are located closer to mail origination points. In these regional centers, managed by Océ, the mail is received, opened, scanned, and entered into the company's workflow system electronically. </p> <p>The solution achieved a variety of business benefits for the company including reduced turnaround time (the time it takes to receive and open the mail and enter the documents into the company's electronic workflow system). In some sites, this turnaround time was reduced by one to two days. The new system also cut overall document processing costs by about $1 million over a span of 18 months. </p> <p><u>Organizations face Similar Optimization Challenges</u></p> <p><u></u> <br /></p> <p>Like the HR document processing services company, many organizations face similar challenges in optimizing their document intake processes and could benefit from professional expertise to help them meet these challenges. Below are three key questions offered by Océ Business Services that can help companies determine whether they might leverage additional expertise to help maximize their BPI activities. </p> <p>1. Is our company chronically unable to fully scan each day's volume of documents received? </p> <p>2. Has our organization compared its total document intake cost against industry standards and/or peers to establish whether the cost is too high? </p> <p>3. Has our company established a system for measuring and managing its document intake process against performance targets? </p> <p>For further information on BPI and related topics, visit www.ocesolutions.com. </p>