Océ Announces Call for Applications for its First Annual “Green Reprographer of the Year” Award

March 6, 2008, Trumbull, CT– Océ, a global leader in digital document management and delivery solutions, today announced its Wide Format Printing Systems division will begin accepting applications for its first annual “Green Reprographer of the Year” award.  Applicants will be asked to submit, in writing, their achievements in the area of green business practices and explain how these efforts have assisted their customers to meet their own sustainability goals.  The winning reprographer will be announced on May 14, 2008.Creation of this award was driven by Océ’s longstanding commitment to provide large format printing solutions that are designed to support ecosystem preservation without sacrificing print quality.

“While the movement to go green has never been stronger, Océ has long been dedicated to providing products that help our reprographic customers, and in turn their AEC and other clients, operate in a sustainable way,” said Patrick Chapuis, President, Wide Format Printing Systems division of Océ North America.  “We see this award as an opportunity to highlight those reprographers that have embraced a forward-looking approach to incorporating sustainability into their business model.”

Award Submission Details

WHAT: The Océ “Green Reprographer of the Year” award will recognize the print-for-pay reprographer who has made the most compelling strides to incorporate environmentally conscious practices into its business operations.

WHEN: Print-for-Pay reprographers can view criteria and submit applications through April 14, 2008 via an online application form, which can be accessed by visiting www.oceusa.com/greenreproaward.

HOW:   Applications will be judged based on the following factors:

  • Products used in the reprographer’s business that reduce their impact on the environment

  • Services provided to the reprographer’s customers to benefit the environment

  • Changes or improvements to facilities that reduce the impact on the environment

  • Employee programs supporting environmental conservation


Applications will be evaluated by a panel of judges, including Denise Gustavson, Editor of Wide Format Imaging magazine, Dave Barista, Managing Editor of Building Design & Construction magazine, and Ed Avis, author of the upcoming Green Reprographics Handbook and contributing writer on green issues for Repro Report magazine.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: For more information on this award or the submission process, please visit www.oceusa.com/greenreproaward

About Océ’s Dedication to Sustainability

Sustainability has been part of Océ’s DNA for the past 130 years. This includes their innovative three-tiered approached to supporting sustainability: 1) Create and design sustainable products; 2) Utilize environmentally conscious manufacturing; 3) Enable customers to operate in a sustainable way (i.e. print at lower heat, produce the least amount of detectable ozone, be compatible with 30% post-consumer waste recycled media).

In addition, Océ’s wide format printers use unique, patented Océ Eco Design technology which helps customers achieve their sustainability goals. Printers using this technology distinguish themselves from conventional printers by complying with the more stringent 2007 ENERGY STAR® requirements – setting them apart from similar competitive products – and by their extremely low energy consumption, quiet operation and low ozone and heat emissions.

Using just one Océ Eco Design printer, versus a comparable competitor’s printer, can result in a pollution reduction of greenhouse gases (CO2), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), carbon monoxide (CO) and more. In a typical low- to mid-volume printing environment, an Océ Eco Design printer saves approximately 320 kW/month, which is equivalent to:

1.     Not driving .6 passenger cars for one year, or

2.     Saving 297 gallons of gasoline, or

3.     Saving 109 home barbeque propane cylinders, or

4.     A household being able to shut off its electricity for 3 months

For more information about how Océ can help you meet your sustainability goals visit, www.oce.com/sustainability.

About Océ

 Océ N.V. is a leading international provider of digital document management technology and services.  The company’s solutions are based on Océ’s advanced software applications that deliver documents and data over internal networks and the Internet to printing devices and archives -- locally and around the world.  Supporting the workflow solutions are Océ digital printers and scanners, considered the most reliable and productive in the world.  Océ also offers a wide range of display graphics, consulting and outsourcing solutions.

Océ employs around 24,000 people, with 2007 annual revenues of approximately $4.6 billion, operates in approximately one hundred countries and maintains research and manufacturing centers in the Netherlands, the United States, Canada, Germany, France, Belgium, the Czech Republic, and Romania.  Océ North America is headquartered in Trumbull, CT, with additional business units in Chicago, IL; New York City; Boca Raton, FL; Salt Lake City, UT; Coventry, RI; and Vancouver, BC.  North American revenues represented approximately half of Océ’s worldwide business in 2007, and employment is currently 11,000.  For more information about Océ, visit www.oceusa.com.  Outside the U.S., consult www.oce.com.

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