New Océ End-to-end Automated Document Factory Links Business and Production Processes

<p>Chicago – September 12, 2011 – Océ, a Canon Group company and an international leader in digital document management, today announced a new Océ PRISMA® end-to-end automated document factory (ADF) platform. The state-of-the-art platform addresses the need for multi-channel customer communications, broader workflow automation, open integration and enterprise visibility. </p> <p>&quot;Given the greater demands for compliance and accountability, tracking jobs strictly within the production environment is no longer enough. Now, the broader scope of the Océ PRISMA ADF platform responds to the market need for greater emphasis on communications ROI, multi-channel outreach and competitive expansion of service capabilities,&quot; said Francis McMahon, Vice President of Marketing, Océ North America Production Printing Systems. </p> <p><b>Making ADF More Useful</b></p> <p>High-volume transaction shops and service bureaus implement ADF methods to correct broken processes, optimize systems, increase document integrity and add new services. ADF also continues to attract companies that have stringent SLA requirements and multiple production locations. </p> <!--break--> <p>The Océ PRISMA ADF platform connects production processes with business processes, so information can be shared across all parts of the organization. The three key pillars of the Océ PRISMA ADF approach are: </p> <ul> <li><b>Workflow Automation</b> guides the production process from end to end. </li> <li><b>Open Integration</b> links business and production processes. </li> <li><b>Enterprise Visibility</b> tracks business transactions through all facets of the distribution process. </li> </ul> The Océ PRISMA ADF solution appeals to customers who have a wide variety of business applications and mixed production solutions, along with a requirement for high output integrity. The Océ PRISMA ADF workflow also benefits companies that want visibility into overall production performance, customers who need to distribute communication across multiple channels, and production operations that want to increase their business value to their organization. <br />Key business benefits include: <ul> <li>Increased efficiencies through optimization </li> <li>Tighter workflow integrity through process integration </li> <li>Reduced operating expenses </li> <li>Improved cross-department communication for better enterprise visibility </li> <li>Real-time tracking and transaction-level reporting </li> <li>End-to-end SLA monitoring and alerts </li> <li>Flexible &quot;backbone&quot; and customizable workflow for dynamic response </li> <li>Centralized dashboard for convenient end-to-end visibility </li> </ul> <b>About the Océ PRISMA ADF solution:</b> <br />The Océ PRISMA ADF solution helps production operations automate composition and post-composition steps and integrate business rules to streamline production. Companies can optimize, track and report on both print and electronic output. Ease of use can reduce the need for high-end technical expertise and minimize production prep time for on-boarding new jobs. <br />Core functionality includes: <ul> <li>Document tracking </li> <li>Inserter management </li> <li>Printer management </li> <li>Pre-print quality assurance </li> <li>Automated reprints </li> <li>Consolidated reporting </li> <li>Campaign management </li> <li>Response management </li> </ul>